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UC child element after getting child benefit

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Rick81 · 08/02/2023 18:09

Hello everyone. I have posted on here about trying to get child benefit. My son is 8yo. He lives with me 6 nights per week, actually it turned to 7nights since beginning of this year. Yesterday I got child benefit award. I'm sure his mother was claiming child element along with child benefit, and am assuming she hasn't reported change of circumstances. Despite school not wanting to change my address as 1st contact child benefit still gave me award. Do you guys know what is the process of getting 'child element if someone else is claiming it already?

OP posts:

ladymacbeth · 08/02/2023 20:10

Child element of what?


ladymacbeth · 08/02/2023 20:12

Sorry, ignore me, just read it properly. Have you applied for UC?


Daydreamer12345 · 08/02/2023 20:14

If you’re already claiming UC, report the change of circumstances on your claim.

UC can verify child element by child benefit claim.


Illhaveadonut · 08/02/2023 20:15

You surely just apply for it? And let her know you applied so she can keep her own claim right. Ideally maybe you'd give her notice but assuming the relationship isn't good.


Daydreamer12345 · 08/02/2023 20:19

Although, If your son was previously on their mothers claim.

You may need to attend an appointment at the job centre with the child birth certificates/child benefit award letter


Badbudgeter · 08/02/2023 20:21

If you’re claiming Uc just go to change of circumstances then add a child. If your ex is claiming for the same child Uc will give the money to you instead as the resident parent as you were awarded child benefit.

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