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Inside IR35 and CMS payments confusion

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Splreece78 · 31/01/2023 11:00

Hi all,

This is a very emotive topic as lots of people see both sides, please bear in mind the following:

  • i'm an active dad who had his kids min 3 nights p/week and has never missed payments
  • i don't hide income
  • i've supported and paid for everything like a parent should

(I say this as my experience reading forums is they tend to divert into aggressive attacks assuming the OP is a deadbeat)...

My question is, I was in a £40k per year job and got a new inside IR35 contract at £500 per day which ended 3 months ago... CMS were told immediately on start and they assessed maintenance to go from £350 to £1300 per month ... however now the contracts have ended I am back to 40k per year, however my salary reduction has been declined even though you can see the additional income ending 3 months ago.

I have 3 questions:

  • is there a process to follow aside asking for a recalc when salary drops over 70%.... i went from £130k to £40k and CMS are declining to change payments meaning my payment is £1300 on a net wage of £3400 ...that can't be right? (I have no arrears or backpayments).
  • is there a particular arrangement with inside IR35 contracts and CMS as I was literally taxed 63% so my CMS payments work out to be closed 40% of my Net income..... that can't be right? (£20k CMS on £50k net salary gets me nowhere).
  • is there a process for reconsideration above the online recalc portal as the line of 'maintenance should reflect earnings' and 'its all going to the kids upkeep' is not encouraging as it doesn't go to the kids... but I get the pleasure of seeing the mum enjoying it with clothes cars and nights out.... I have active 'none-molestation' orders and 'parental alienation' incidences recorded against their mum due to some nasty behaviour and I have kids every weekend... so its additionally insulting that the system allows for atrocious behaviour but still biases against the clearly active-paying parent, hense my stance on the financials.

any help or advice is most appreciated
OP posts:
Splreece78 · 31/01/2023 11:02

gross wage of £3400, sorry its not net its was an error*

OP posts:
Talon01 · 13/04/2023 19:50


Would you be interested in a mote Dad centric website. Can point you to it if you like

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