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opinions getting full custody

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Thetallone91 · 24/01/2023 19:55

If anyone can help me with opinions or advice please do. I'm writing this on behalf of a male friend who's a father.

The father is looking at going for custody over his son, The mother is in a different relationship which is violent (which is known by the police and child custody). The mother has reported the violence but has dropped all charges in the relationship and carries on with it. The child is on a child protection plan but social and the police will not do anything at this time. Parental rights have been used a couple of times but they are unreliable and its like using the child as a weapon.

  1. let this carry on until the powers that be deal with it.

  2. would your recommend we get hold a lawyer and if you do what do you think the chances are of the child being removed from the violent relationship.

  3. how long do you think the process would take.
OP posts:
worried4698643 · 24/01/2023 21:44

How old are the children?
What's the current contact schedule?
How long have children been living with mum? (Courts like to keep things consistent, safeguarding obvious can over rise this)
What do the children want? ( this may not be relevant, depending on ages)

These are all things that will factor into the decision.

If Dad applies for a C100 for a child arrangement order, social services and cafcass will look into the case and make a recommendation.

Courts are fairly busy right now and first hearings are being scheduled for about 3 months, sometimes longer in some parts of the country.

It's not 'custody' any more. There will either be a shared care arrangement, or a lives with RP and contact with NRP, if safe to do so.

I don't have and professional knowledge on this, just been through the process myself and a few friends that have also. So don't take my word as fact. Best bet is to pay for an hour or so of advice from a solicitor to get a good understanding of the next step.

ChunkaMunkaBoomBoom · 03/03/2023 10:40

If my child was at risk from a violent adult I would do everything in my power to get custody and remove them from the situation, and if the other parent can't be trusted to keep the child safe I would want them to have supervised contact only.

Basically - do something about it asap.

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