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Car alarm going off

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Perfectpink · 15/12/2022 02:05

It’s -5C outside at night currently and my car alarm on my Vauxhall viva 2016 keeps going off in the night. Has happened for 4 nights on the run now. It doesn’t go off in the day time, anyone have any tips on how to disable the alarms before my neighbours come for me? Have checked and there’s no motion outside, windows and doors all shut, seems to only be when the temperature really drops

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Mondy · 15/12/2022 03:42

Best option is to locate the alarm horn and disconnect the wire - there will be a connector that simply pulls off. Beware though that doing that will invalidate your insurance if someone nicks it.

I've checked the handbook for it and there's no dedicated fuse for the alarm and no apparent way of not setting it, I'm afraid. Probably worth a quick phone call or visit to your dealer, it could be that they've come across this problem before and know how to fix it.

If you haven't got a handbook you can view it online for free here:


Timeforabiscuit · 15/12/2022 03:49

As someone who lived in the same street as someone who simply parked their car further away from their house, thank you for trying to sort it!

Pop a note on your windscreen explaining.


Perfectpink · 15/12/2022 13:58

Thank you both!

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