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Alternative to Non-Molestation Order?

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Dylan222 · 13/12/2022 01:48

About 6 months after I separated from my wife, she began to tell people that I had been domestically abusive to her, which was untrue.
Around the same time she lied about our son to a private doctor, which resulted in the doctor giving the opinion that our son had ADHD and Autism. Since then she has been telling people that he has been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism which is untrue.
I have previously provided evidence in Court to show that her allegations against me are false. My sons school have shown serious concern about the private assessment, and have stated that they do not believe that he has ADHD or Autism. I have provided evidence to my ex-wife showing that the private doctor only provided and opinion and not a diagnosis.
Despite this my ex-wife has continued to state that I was domestically abusive and our son has been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism.
I have applied for a Non-Molestation Order to try to get her to stop, but I feel really awful about returning to Court. Is there something else I could do instead?

OP posts:

nonmolestationorder · 21/12/2022 10:13

If you're still facing the same issue and your matter is not solved. You can visit


112233aa · 21/12/2022 10:19

You may have no other choice. The court can order that a full assessment can be made and get CAFCAS involved.

When you provided evidence in court, was it in a fact finding hearing?

Are you simply wanting her to stop or are you wanting to remove your child from that situation? The fact you say that the school are concerned would lead me to believe it's impacting your child's school life.

You are also entitled to seek medical advice for your child. You don't just rock up at a private GP and say a few things get a ADHD and Autism assessment, they still have to have an official assessment with trained people in an accurate setting etc Even going through CaMHS you're looking at least 2 years

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