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Football development centres??

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Missgoldilocks · 10/12/2022 22:43


I wanted to know people's experiences with the invite only tier development centres for football?

NOT the paid tier development centres please.

My son was invited to advanced training with West ham development and I would like know peoples experiences with it, can you go onto the academy from there? Did your child go to the training for a long period time before the coaches said to stop bringing them or did they tell you to go onto trials for the academy?

Did you think the sessions were worth it? I know they're free but they are a little far from us.


OP posts:

ThreeLionsOnASleigh · 10/12/2022 22:49

If you can do it. My child does a different sport but if people are offering training for free take them up on it. They are only young once, it will probably not pay off long term but it character building and something to say in the future.

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