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Every Home Needs One Of These

10 replies

EricL · 30/01/2008 14:39

Just got this delivered.

Can't wait.

I just have to install it now.

(Something about rendering the DW unconcious whilst i surgically insert a chip into her brain - any medically trained chaps out there that can give me some advice on that one? I fear i may take her apart and put it all back wrong and make things worse..........)

OP posts:
pankhurst · 30/01/2008 18:49

oh ha ha. ha ha ha.

ha ha ha ha ha

think you need anaesthetic, definitely. I would use a small needle if I were you.

Just a little prick.

EricL · 31/01/2008 12:12

So - if you were to design one for men - what would you put on it ladies?

OP posts:
fryalot · 31/01/2008 12:14

all the same things except instead of "remove clothes" it would say "pick my own bloody clothes up off the bedroom floor"

and instead of "boobs" it would, of course, say "wash up"

BrownSuga · 31/01/2008 12:17

It would be Remove clothes AND hang them up, and hang up mine while you're at it.

Swap beer for wine

Boobs for Pickup after yourself

Stop Nagging becoming Grow up, you immature twat

fryalot · 31/01/2008 12:28

pmsl - I was going to leave "stop nagging" but "grow up you immature twat" is so much better

MrsEricL · 01/02/2008 11:28


Is that you on the internet again, trying to fill up time between medicine times?

These nice ladies don't want to play with you - no really, they don't. Haven't you got any friends of your own age?

NO, I know you don't have any friends at all... but that's because you're boring, sexist, mildly racist, a bit of a knowitall, puritanical, decidedly arrogant, crap in bed...)

(ooops, sorry, love, that last one was a private comment).

Anyway, I'm off now. I'll leave you playing with your remote while I go and play with my boss.

Don't forget to wipe the yoghurt prints off the telly! xx

LynetteScavo · 25/02/2008 18:35

C'mon you can't not have a dadsnet.

LynetteScavo · 25/02/2008 18:39

I bet dasnet would be cool.

LynetteScavo · 25/02/2008 18:57

Dads will probily hog the PC.

LynetteScavo · 25/02/2008 19:27

Er, please excuse those last few posts from my DH.

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