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Housing and Concerns

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solsticedad · 11/11/2022 18:04


Not sure this is the right place but I hope I can get some more advice as I'm at a total loss what to do.

I'm a council tenant of a one bed flat I have due to previous mental health problems but three years ago I met my now partner and during pandemic we have had two children since. Both very young babies.

Unfortunately I stay at my flat for the majority of the time and she has a flat but is in shared ownership but since having children she has lost her job and been on maternity leave.

We both have no income currently but I need help with what I should do next as I don't want to loose my property and want a bigger place for my family.

We can't afford private renting is there any way we could make a joint claim moving forward and how would I go about this.

Hope someone can help me with this, any information would be greatly appreciated.

OP posts:
romdowa · 11/11/2022 18:10

Ordinarily I'd suggest you all live in your one bed flat and then apply to the council for a transfer to a bigger property. That probably won't work though if your partner owns a portion of the property that she lives in. If she leaves it or sells it then I'm sure that will be an issue for the council and they may refuse to rehome you all in a larger property.

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