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To fight or not fight

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stevetaylor20 · 08/11/2022 00:25

Not sure what to do to be honest, this is how see my options in regards to my ex moving abroad with son :

Option one. Fight my ex taking my son abroad (aged 5) permanently, to Mexico. Fighting her for what would be 2 or 3 years legally at great financial cost, arguments and emotional stress. If probably end up depression pills I'd guess and be bitter or sad when I do lose (most likely as I'm male) and probably have to pay her legal fees being more screwed over.

Option two. Move on thinking more about my own sanity, have more money, have an easier life without years of stress and not really see my son, only maybe once a year. To be honest if he does go I'll just stop paying cms and move abroad, seems dumb paying as a father if the mother and court won't let you be a father.

I wonder how mental men get on here by fighting it for years, not sure I could handle it.

OP posts:
Oblomov22 · 08/11/2022 08:15

Sorry, I missed the age 5 in OP.

MrsTerryPratchett · 08/11/2022 14:53

ClocksGoingBackwards · 08/11/2022 07:05

You fight for your child, obviously. Or were you expecting to come on Mumsnet and be reassured that it’s ok not bother with your child? 🙄

No I think he wanted to attack women for being mean and thick. I wonder why the mum wants to remove the child. It's a mystery. He's clearly a lovely man. Who isn't a raging misogynist at all.

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