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Dad Bod.....

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SL80 · 06/08/2022 11:09

Hi all, bit off topic but keen to get some opinions....

So being a 40 year old Dad to an 18 month old I've noticed over the past year a few 'pounds' creeping around the waist where finding time for consistent excercise has slipped and generally just got into a bit of a comfy rountine!

Anyway I keep seeing this intermittent fasting branded about and also water fasting that can help shift some fat pretty quickly. Like all these things I'm always a little sceptical as they seem to promote using 'ripped' guys who I am never going to look like!

Anyway seeing if there are any other Dads out there who can share their experiences (if any!)

OP posts:

YellowMonday · 06/08/2022 11:22

I'm not a dad, but when my partner wanted to drop some weight he joined the way I eat for a few months.

Essentially, low carb and high protein (after 3pm for him not all day), lots of salads/veggies, careful with fruit, 3 litres of water a day, and cut out the snacking. The big one? Limiting beer.

He dropped his goal 7kg about 6 months ago, since then he's kept up with most habits but eating more carbs. When he notices that he needs to rein it in, he'll cut out beer, and carbs after 4pm.


LightandMomentary · 06/08/2022 11:25

I agree with YellowMonday. My DH has done intermittent fasting for a while now and although it means he thinks about what he eats, it's not a catch-all for diet. Concentrate on your diet and add in exercise, making sure that you include some sort of weight training (own body weight is fine). Look online for HIIT training and most of it you can do at home, for free.


SL80 · 06/08/2022 12:16

Interesting on the fruit comment, I always start the day with a homemade smoothie usually half a kiwi, few grapes, few strawberries and a banana all blended with a bit of that too much fruit? I know using a juicer can be dangerous as you need to use double the fruit to get the same liquid as the pulp is not used.

OP posts:

LightandMomentary · 06/08/2022 12:19

You're starting the day with sugar need to start the day with protein, so eggs or such.


YellowMonday · 06/08/2022 12:33

That's really high sugar fruit in your smoothie. I often have a smoothie for breakfast, but it's avocado, kale, cucumber, spinach, and blueberries with greek yoghurt and a splash of full fat milk and water. For banana I'll only use 1/4 of one if I fancy it and switch out the avocado. I'll have two hard boiled eggs on the side.

I would switch out the kiwi for spinach, kale or cucumber. Cut the grapes and replace with a berry, and strawberries are good.


Isitsixoclockalready · 12/08/2022 20:32

Some excellent advice on here. I found sugar to be the worst culprit for weight gain. There are some very dubious adverts out there on social media for 'easy' weight loss. Cutting out sugary foods is the best way.


Bard6817 · 23/11/2022 12:20

Not very woke but i tried the carnivore diet for a month…. Was brilliant.

Went to costco and stocked up on chicken and red meats.

Dinner consisted of fillet steaks. Didnt eat anything other than berries when i wanted a snack. Didn’t stop my morning coffee.

Surprisingly, i wasn’t hungry, didn’t get food highs and lows, it was cheaper (costco bulk buy), very little food waste, and i got slight abs and dimbles in my stomach back lol.

Only took a few weeks.

Moving back to a more normal diet, i struggle with exertion, get food lows if i skip a meal, etc. Somethkng about the way we are being pushed more and more towards plant based diets, just doesn’t feel right to me when i eat it.

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