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Sleep routine issues need advice!

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Dadah80 · 22/07/2022 10:49

Hi all we are struggling to crack a couple of sleeping issues with our 16 month old. For about 6 months now she has been really hard to get her to settle to sleep. After bath time and some milk at 7pm she seems to get a second wind and wants to roll around on our bed or run round the bedroom until she tires herself out, problem is this can go on till nearly 9pm so we are getting very little down time to ourselves as a couple after a long days work. Up until about 10 months old she would always have bath, milk and be fast asleep and transferred to her cot by 8pm

Second issue is she is, once finally asleep between 8.30 and 9 she will always wake 2/3 hours later and stand in her cot and cry until one of us goes in and takes her out and settles her on the single day bed we have in her room. Then one of us has to stay on the bed with her as she won't go back in the cot after the minute she feels herself being lowered the crying starts again.

Any naps she has in the day are typically around 12/1pm for a few hours so there is no late afternoon naps that might be making her less tired of an evening.

Its really taking its toll on our relationship so any advice appreciated.

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 22/07/2022 10:55

It could be a number of things-

  • baths stimulate her - try a week of morning baths or doing bath at 5pm before tea then letting her burn off some energy
  • naps going on too long - let her sleep 90mins at her nap (sleep cycles are 45 mins long so she will wake easier at 45min increments)
  • not enough opportunity to burn off energy in the day - is she getting outside multiple times a day for a good run around?
  • overtired - does she wake really early?

Dadah80 · 22/07/2022 11:02

Thanks will take on board the tips.

She is defo burning off energy in the day as she is at nursery and doing lost of activities inside and out. And in terms of over tired again not an issue as once back to sleep after the midnight wake she sleeps through till usually 6/6.30am

OP posts:

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 22/07/2022 11:05

Do one of you stay with her til she falls asleep? If so, every time she wakes she will need one of you there.


Dadah80 · 22/07/2022 11:22

As she has been getting this second wind one of us has to stay with her until she wears herself out and eventually passes out on our bed and then one of us carries her into the cot. Trying to put her in the cot prior to passing out just causes her to re-wake.

OP posts:

inthisworld · 22/07/2022 12:05

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 22/07/2022 11:05

Do one of you stay with her til she falls asleep? If so, every time she wakes she will need one of you there.

I second this. I did this with my first born and he was 3.5 and I was still staying in the room until he fell asleep sometimes 45 minutes plus. I decided enough was enough and we gradually stopped it but the longer you do it the harder it will be. My second born went down awake and has always been happy to go to sleep thankfully


pereverzevart · 22/11/2022 18:22

I don’t know about you, but fine motor skills helped us. You are just such an age when a child is interested in playing with objects. For example, before going to bed we give some small change in our hands for the game. In general, I spied on these entertaining fun fine motor activities for preschoolers, but they suited us too. The result was not immediately achieved, but over time, sleep became better!

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