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I dont think this is normal, maybe I'm wrong. I need a man's perspective. [poss TMI]

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tee4two · 10/10/2007 11:43

Hi all
My DP has always had to get up a few times in the night for a wee, and I've always said he needs to get checked but he laughs it off and says he's always been the same.
He also has another symptom which is what I'm asking about which I think is connected, but I dont know if all men get it and it is normal, cos I'm not a man,...
Are you all still with me??
Anyway, only occasionally, he will experience an intense pain up his back passage and then will get, in his words, "a stonking great hard on." and regardless of where he is, [obviously not shopping] he has to go and relieve himself.
I think he needs to get his prostate checked but he is reluctant to go and get a finger up his bum [his words again]
Is this normal, or does he need to go to a doc?

OP posts:
clerkKent · 10/10/2007 13:08

The second part is not normal - definitely see a doctor. The first is not unusual - I did see a doctor about it (it was not a prostrate problem in my case).

Carmenere · 10/10/2007 13:10

Not a man but I think he should definitely get that checked out because if it is anything serious a finger up his bum will be the least of his worries.

morningpaper · 10/10/2007 13:15

exactly Carmenere

He sounds as if he has prostate problems

tell him to don't be an idiot, see a doctor

tee4two · 10/10/2007 13:30

I keep on at him to go,he just laughs it off, says there's nothing wrong.
I didnt think it was normal, I'll make the appointment for him, then he has to go.
Carmenere I'll use your line if you dont mind, it might shock him into realisation.

OP posts:
DaDaDa · 10/10/2007 14:36

What sounds worse? A finger up his bum, or an early death?

Sorry to be harsh but he has family and he owes it you as well as himself to get it checked out.

BigGitDad · 10/10/2007 21:06

I'd get it checked out. Did any one see Billy Connolly going on about the visit to his doctors to have his prostrate checked? Hilarious

cestlavie · 11/10/2007 11:15

Definitely not normal. I'd certainly go and get it checked out or a finger up his arse might be least of his worries...

Daddster · 11/10/2007 18:15

Prostate C is no fun, but v. treatable if found early, so what's to lose?

tee4two · 11/10/2007 22:18

Thanks for all the responses, you all just echo what I feel, but its getting the big oaf to admit that its not normal, and to just get it checked out.
I'll work on him tomorrow.
Thanks again.

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 11/10/2007 22:26

Has he seen this?

Hope it's nothing serious. But he does need to get it checked. Get him to watch the ad.

tee4two · 11/10/2007 22:32

Thanks Hunkermunker, I'll show him, he comes off nights tomorrow so will have a good talk to him about this.
I wont let him laugh it off.

OP posts:
shimmy · 11/10/2007 22:35

I forced dh to get checked - he was able to face the GP by blaming it all on his neurotic wife. Actual check not as bad as he'd expected (and this is a man who hasn't been to the doctors for 20 years).

All was fine so now we can both relax.
Get your dh sorted. If all's well you can stop worrying.If there's something there you may be doing him the biggest favour of his life.

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