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Dads to be this year or next ?

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Tblock · 18/09/2020 23:32

Hello guys,

Just interested to see any Dads out there expecting a child anytime soon? Me and the misses are early 30s, expecting our 1st child due April 29th 2021. Had our 1st scan today and got the reassuring heartbeat etc, which is great news.

We are getting married next month abroad with all our family and friends attending, so I plan to announce it in my speech ;)

We bought our own home about 4 years ago and this after the wedding will be the next step.

If I’m going to be honest, we have thoroughly enjoyed our life commitment free in the sense of travelling the world, clubbing and nights out more than I have got dinners, but now we feel it’s time to settle for a baby and start a family. Getting really excited at the prospect of it.

Don’t get me wrong, life won’t suddenly end for us and we will still make sure we have time to ourselves and go out when planned, but once the baby is born, that’s the priority now.

Just wondering if any guys are in the same boat ?

OP posts:
Keepyourconversationsboring · 18/09/2020 23:35

This is a lovely post, wishing you both all the best Smile

Tblock · 18/09/2020 23:47

Thank you so much :)

OP posts:
skedaddIe · 01/10/2020 10:29

Congratulations!!! Lovely post and really happy for you!

I have to warn you though that all those nights out are not gonna prepare you for newborn parent insomnia. Good luck!

Tblock · 01/10/2020 10:48

@skedaddIe thank you :) thoroughly looking forward to the challenge haha

OP posts:
bcccc · 01/10/2020 15:52

That sounds lovely OP. I wish you and your future wife a happy life with the little one.

BBBosh · 01/10/2020 20:19

@Tblock Due our second end of May/start of June. Just trying to get my head round having another one, it’s just as scary as having my first!

Being a dad is the best feeling in the world, which took me by surprise! I’m sure you’ll love it when it happens. Make sure you don’t miss out on sleep before the birth, it’ll become a distant memory. And then you’ll realise sleep is overrated!

Hope it all goes well, thanks for your post.

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