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Girlfriend left me at 8 weeks pregnant

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Stewart2394 · 29/02/2020 22:15

So im writing this for abit of advice or previous experience that other dads may have had with this sorta thing and how it worked out for them.

Recently my 8 weeks pregnant ex i guess now ended our relationship out of nowhere. We just had the most amazing christmas period together and we were stronger than ever. She spent the whole time telling my family how much she loved me and couldnt wait to marry me and start a family with me. My family loved her and hers was the same towards me. We really did have an unbelievable bond together, we were so comfortable around each other and so mad for each other. Near the end of january she ended it out of nowhere she said she hadnt been feeling the same for about a week and just gave up. We met to talk and sorted everything out she was having a really tough time with a new job ect and wasnt really feeling herself at the time somethinf wasnt quite right. Her period was then late so she took a test and we found out she was 4 weeks pregnant. Everyone assumed that her hormones were the reason she was feeling the way she did when she ended it. We had a great month together and a lovely valentines things were going so well. She was really scared about the pregnancy she kept thinking the worst was gonna happen and really worried about the first scan. Well the next week she became distant not really texting or talking to me ect and then she ended it again. She said she didnt love me anymore and wasnt sexually attracted to me even though the weekend before we slept together and she initiated it. A week has now passed and i hoped giving her some space she would maybe change her mind ive seen loads of blogs about this situation being due to hormones and things. Shes been having such a tough time with the pregnancy shes really struggled to eat, been sick all the time, not sleeping much ect. But i met her as she wanted me to get the things i had at hers, i tried to speak to her about things but there was just no reasoning with her she was adamant she no longer loved me at all and didnt want to be with me. I tried to say lets just leave it and talk about it in the future once things settle down and we can try sort things but she is positive she will not change her mind and said she just did not want to try. She even said she wanted to be single and doesnt think thatll ever change. Ill be honest im absolutely devastated by all this, i was so excited to be starting a family with her and i was even planning on proposing the night before the scan, i wanted to take her away and tell her nmw happens with the scan i wanted to spend my life with her. Now im left heartbroken and confused. Both familys are so confused and dont understand how this could happen everyone went on about how much they could see she loved me by the way she went on about us. Im really looking for some advice on what to do and also if any other guys have been in this situation how it turned out for them. I know the baby is priority and thats all that matters but i cant imagine not spending my life with this girl and i just cant in my heart give up hope we will sort things. Oh and last thing i know theyll be people responding saying it might not be my baby but i dont believe thats the reason. Thanks guys

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LJenn · 12/03/2020 07:30

Just seen this now. You should post it in the relationship section and more people will see it🙌🏻🙌🏻. That's awful I'm so sorry this is happening. I know this was posted back in Feb. Has there been any change since then?

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