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How do Dads feel after experiencing the birth?

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WiseOldElf2016 · 29/02/2020 14:57

Hello Mumsnet,
I wonder if there is any chance some of you lovely Mums could help me please? I am desperately trying to collect information about how new Dads cope with the birth and first few months with their first child. I've tried Dad's groups and forums with very little success but have found when Mums suggest they help they do! I am a nearly qualified trainee counsellor and my passion is helping new Dads with their change in life. If anyone could show the link below to their partner (if applicable) it would be brilliant. So little information is available to the helping profession and I would really like to change that in some small way. The survey is completely anonymous and has been ethically checked by my college. Thank you so much for reading, Elizabeth

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