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Help with Sons Arrangements

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Rmail2006 · 22/12/2019 13:32

Hi everyone,
I'm in a funny position at the moment just before christmas and I'm wondering if I can get some advice from anyone.

I'm 30 and live with my parents, due to splitting up with the ex.
My son, 2, stays with his mother all the time and she allows me to see him friday and sunday but doesnt allow him to sleep over and says the reason is because my parent have dogs, shih tzus. She had no issue until we split and also let's him stay at her grandparents who have larger dogs
I'm now sick of waiting and abiding by her word as I want to see my son and have him sleep over
I work 7-4 monday to friday and she works 7-6 mon-fri. Whilst she works, she leaves my son at her parents and he spends most of his time with them rather than her.
Now she has topped it off by only allowing me to see my son for a few hours on christmas as her parents have plans for him from 2pm.
I'm going to start a dialogue with her regarding him spending time with my overnight and was wondering what a fathers right is for overnight stays?

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effypandora · 22/12/2019 13:33

You need to go to mediation and then if that doesn't work court.

MAV34 · 22/12/2019 13:47

Your son has every right to enjoy quality time with both his parents. There are all sorts of arrangements e.g 50/50, midweek plus every other weekend, etc but it really depends on what’s in your child’s best interests and what’s practical and realistic. If you live close to your ex then in theory this should make it easier for your son to enjoy time with both of you. Mediation should be the next step if you’re not able to come to an agreement.

Rmail2006 · 22/12/2019 17:33

Thanks for the replies :)
I'm up for working out plans even if we do go 1 week each e.g. she may like to see him on regular days so I would accomdate that, and we live pretty close, around 10 minutes apart so I can't see why she isn't being fair.
I'll try and get her to have a conversation regarding sharing and if not, I'll look inot mediation

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