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Would you buy your child an iTeddy?

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UnquietDad · 11/08/2007 23:34

As seen on Dragons' Den. I'm not going to link to their site as I'm not advertising them, but anyone who is a Friend Of Google can find it.

The guy got the patent for combining an mp3 player and teddy then? Richard Farley seemed pretty sure he wouldn't.

I don't like the idea, personally.

And I wondered about tyhat i- prefix too - not seen as treading on Apple's toes then? The name does rather imply it is an Apple product, like iPod and iMac.

OP posts:
LadyVictoriaOfCake · 11/08/2007 23:43

no i wouldnt

JeremyVile · 11/08/2007 23:45

No, he'll have a lump of coal, a satsuma and hell bloody well like it!

FlameBatfink · 11/08/2007 23:49

Ooooh mine would love a lump of coal and a satsuma!!!

UnquietDad · 11/08/2007 23:50

I could never shake the feeling that iTeddy was watching me.....

OP posts:
JeremyVile · 11/08/2007 23:51

You have one?

UnquietDad · 11/08/2007 23:52

What's next? the iBaby with downloadable babbles and wails, for those fraeks who buy those EVIL-looking fake baby dolls?

OP posts:
UnquietDad · 11/08/2007 23:52

no, no, I meant I "could", conditional, if I had one. Which I won't!!

OP posts:
JeremyVile · 11/08/2007 23:53

The iPie - snack for match day - with built in chants...

JeremyVile · 11/08/2007 23:54

The iSpy - nuther name for the iTeddy

UnquietDad · 11/08/2007 23:54

The i-Babe? Blow-up doll with downloadable porn built in?

OP posts:
FlameBatfink · 11/08/2007 23:54

Bet the fake dolls sleep...

JeremyVile · 11/08/2007 23:55

...sort of 'listen while you jerk'?

UnquietDad · 11/08/2007 23:55


OP posts:
JeremyVile · 11/08/2007 23:55

Yup FB - the bloody dolls have all the luck.

JeremyVile · 11/08/2007 23:59

The iFly - compatible with zip files.

FlameBatfink · 12/08/2007 00:00
RoyKeane · 12/08/2007 00:01

I'd buy one. And then break both it's legs.

JeremyVile · 12/08/2007 00:01


FlameBatfink · 12/08/2007 00:05

Not my gumdrop buttons!

EricL · 12/08/2007 00:52

Mine got an MP3 for xmas there and she hardly uses it to be honest.

Kids don't have time alone to listen to music by themselves - if they do then there is something wrong. Its only us anti-social adults that want to ignore people in general who should have them - you dont have to interact with the unwashed masses on the train do you then?

Same with all this electrical nonsense in their rooms - i think it just encourages them to stay in.

I let mine out of the broom cupboard in the morning and kick them out to play with the pebbles outside every day.....

JeremyVile · 12/08/2007 00:58

You let them come out of the cupboard, you say?

Hmmm, a novel and interesting approach......

EricL · 12/08/2007 11:31

If they're lucky they get to lick the road for supper.......

JeremyVile · 12/08/2007 11:34

Well, if you will take the liberal approach....on your own head be it.

FlameBatfink · 12/08/2007 11:50

I let them out of the cupboard sometimes too... but generally only into the big dog cage in the garden. I move it round every so often, they cut the grass for me with teeny tiny blunt scissors.

JeremyVile · 12/08/2007 11:51


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