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Anyone have a non bio and bio child with ex

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Guest1233 · 27/07/2019 10:23

Hello my partner has a non bio and bio child with ex. Since his ex found out about me she has slowly cut contact with him and the children. We have been together nearly 3 years now and done everything she has asked ie meeting her, keeping her informed about the children etc.

She has a boyfriend now they have been together nearly 2 years she moved away and partner hasn't had contact since November despite sending letters for access etc.

The children where at their nannas so we drove over to see them and they was super excited as were we.

Later that night my partners mum rang him and said his son had called mums partner dad. Nanna explained he isnt your dad if anything he your step dad and he said no mum said hes my dad.

My partner was broken, his ex had done something similar in the past but his son was only a baby.

My point now is, I'm pushing him for court but his mate has been and he said it for him no where (His child is a baby afew months). I explained the difference with young children and children who can speak.
He also said that he doesn't want to split the kids up (I feel this is the reason he doesn't push things with ex).

His daughter isnt biologically his child. Which mum decided to tell her afew months after she found out we was together. She didnt see him for weeks but now she does.

So what will happen in court will they consider the relationship and contact for 8 years with non bio child or not?

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SmartPlay · 27/07/2019 13:20

I understand hardly anything from your post.

HJWT · 27/07/2019 14:00

@Guest1233 he needs to take her to court for his bio child, the court aren't going to be willing to give contact with his step child as he hasn't bothered to enforce contact through court up until now, but if her mum agrees to it that would be a start, they cant force anything unless her adopted her...

Hopoindown31 · 28/07/2019 09:06

Is he listed as the father on either of the birth certificates?

Guest1233 · 28/07/2019 10:14

He is on birth certificate for bio child. Non bio child they had childs name put in his name. However that could of changed now they are no longer together.

I says theres nothing he can do. Ex has said she will not go to court. I feel she has stopped contact for him to go against in court. I feel he also feels like non bio child is his and this is why he doesn't fight harder for bio child so non bio child does not feel neglected by him.

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Guest1233 · 28/07/2019 10:53

He says sorry not I say

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Rainforevermore · 28/07/2019 10:56

Is there evidence that the other child is not his?

C0untDucku1a · 28/07/2019 11:05

He needd to focus onngetting something attanged for his child. This should be his priorty. Not makig excuses why he can’t.

Also you said she has form for allowing a random man to be called dad by her children. Does this include your partner and the girl? Sounds like he was ok with it...

Hopoindown31 · 28/07/2019 11:43

If he is on the birth certificate for both they are both his children. The mother can't just change that as she likes.

Guest1233 · 28/07/2019 17:11

He got with her when the girl was 1 month old. Was together before for awhile. She told him her real dad didnt want to know. So he looked after her like his own. They had a child together and the ex wanted them to have the same name. They tried for adoption but needed bios dads consent. (Which I dont think they tried to get).
I have explained there seems to be pattern with the dad thing and he realises that now. Everyone apart from family have told him to go to court for his son. His mum and dad have both children every so often and they say they are their grandchildren.

His mum gets extremely upset when she doesn't see the kids but also gets upset when her grandson missing out on family days with my partners exes family.

I know what I would do but I can not force him to go to court. I have to keep trying to talk him round.

Will it go against him in court if hes been asking for the children and she doesn't allow him to have them. He has written letters asking for access.

Hes tried mediation but she ddint turn up. This was before he knew he could represent himself in court though.

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