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Male phantom pregnancies

10 replies

Natashacs · 18/06/2007 15:20

Hi gusy
I'm writing a report about male phantom pregnancies for the Daily Mail - I know I'm not allowed to place here but if you know about this then please look at my posting in the media section of the board.
Last week a study said the majority of men experience pregnancy symptoms ranging from food cravings to swollen stomachs when their partner is pregnant. Some even get false baby bumps! If this sounds like you please get in touch,
Many thanks

OP posts:
LieselVentouse · 18/06/2007 15:46

Some even pass a watermelon through their ares

beansprout · 18/06/2007 15:49

What a load of old nonsense!! Pregnancy symptoms my bum!!

colditz · 18/06/2007 15:51

It's also known as "Hey! Everyone is really interested in my wife! That's not fair! I want to be pregannt too!"

DrDaddy · 18/06/2007 18:48

If by "male pregnancy symptoms" you mean being in total denial before the first child and thinking "it will be a piece of piss with 2 kids" before your second, then yes.

EricL · 19/06/2007 01:29

I'm sorry - but that sounds like the biggest pile of *&$$% i have heard in a long time.

I think you need to research something else that affects normal people, rather than this guff.

I used to eat a pile of crap when my missus was pregnant only because i was getting sent out to buy it all - not because i wanted it.

Men and women are completely different creatures and that's what makes the world go round with such fun............

plummymummy · 21/06/2007 19:32

Ok I was just as cynical as you lot but my dh really did get some empathic symptoms when I was pregnant. He got flutters in his stomach (just like baby movements) - I felt them! Also when his dad was dying of heart disease he used to get excruciating chest pain. I think he is just a very sensitive kinda guy

TheExpectantFather · 23/06/2007 21:47

I genuinely had some symptoms but these were restricted to tiredness, nausea and anxiety.

I've yet to look like I'm about to pass a water melon through my arse though...

Cheers, Ian
The Expectant Father

Pan · 23/06/2007 22:45

lets not forget - it will be reported on in the Daily accracy or truth doesn't really matter....

4jen · 23/06/2007 22:52

Have to agree with Eric. My DH put on 2 stone because he won't cook and I was too tired so we lived on take aways and at least 2 donuts each every night. It certainly wasn't a phantom pregnancy and he wasn't tempted to try breastfeeding to shift it after.

Pan · 23/06/2007 22:53

neither does "accuracy" of spelling round here, apparently....

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