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Honestly speaking

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Roundnround87 · 21/07/2018 22:48

Do you honestly find your wife to be the most attractive lady out there? Or occasionally/rarely and hopefully not frequently, you see a woman who could be waking past you on the street or on the train or in a restaurant etc. And she is definitely more attractive than your wife.

How does that make you feel? Do you just ignore and move on? Or does it get to you?

I do love my wife and I do try to ignore. But not easy sometimes. Ahhhh!

OP posts:
Roundnround87 · 22/07/2018 00:37

anyone have examples of forbidden crushes? Mine is Lucy verasamy.

It can’t be just me that thinks this? I

OP posts:
IKEAmeatba11s · 22/07/2018 00:42

What makes you think said woman would be interested in you?

You're talking like it's such a challenge to walk away from a good looking woman and you'd rather take some action, like it would be a given if you did?

Surely there's more to your wife than her physical appearance and it's everything else about her that makes you love her?

Jaguarana · 22/07/2018 00:45

Honestly speaking, I'd hope that my DH isn't so shallow as to think it's all about looks.

AWomanIsAnAdultHumanFemale · 22/07/2018 00:47

Don’t worry, your wife sees the handsome men that walk past too. Lucky for you she contains her wild urges and comes home to your mug.

NotUmbongoUnchained · 22/07/2018 00:48

Of course my husband finds other women attractive. As I do other men. But in a room full of 10000 men it will always be my husband that I want to climb like a tree.
And I know he feels the same way about me.

Alwayscommuting · 22/07/2018 00:51

Me and my husband do Sse other people that are attractive. We have eyes. But I don't know them like I know him and there's no one else I'd rather be with and I know he feels the same way.

Roundnround87 · 25/07/2018 23:22

Should say that there’s a fair bit of tension between us at the moment which is probably not helping matters in my mind. Sometimes I just don’t wanna be with her no more. I sometimes look back to when I first met her and think if only it was just max one year of relationship then move on. Other times I am grateful for what I have. There are things she resents about me and as a result I do have a tendency to think about another life.

I wish we could solve these issues but it’s all kind of money / job related in the end.

OP posts:
Tarlu · 25/07/2018 23:25

Assortative mating

Your wife was in your "league"

The women who are more attractive know they can do better.
Harsh but true.

Tarlu · 25/07/2018 23:26

So itbis nothing to do with her looks. U just want to move on because relationship is in trouble

Singlenotsingle · 25/07/2018 23:26

Ah so you just can't afford to leave and go chasing all these attractive women? I'm sorry for your poor dw, you're wasting her time aren't you?

1forAll74 · 26/07/2018 18:31

If attractive is the go word for you,,would you say that you yourself would be in the attraction ratings,to get noticed by all the attractive ladies around.
Most women like men of quality, good looks mean not a lot at the end of the day.

BastardGoDarkly · 26/07/2018 18:35

Of course, we both do, we are not the two most attractive people the planet has to offer.

But we, you know, love each other, so no other life longing here.

I don't think you love your wife anymore do you?

decentchap · 19/08/2018 18:00

All men are made polygamous, we have to try hard to be single women types. How would you feel if your wife went out with other blokes and did as you wished to do ?
So sauce for goose etc. There is no doubt women see and fantacise about other men, so that's ok, provided always you know where you are going to remain. Fancy as many as you like but stay faithful would be my advice after years of personal experience !

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