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Urgent - Advice from mechanic needed

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nannynick · 26/05/2007 16:28

Help... I know about children, but know little about cars.

Have a Citroen C3. While travelling today, the brake indicator light has come on while driving the car - when going up ramp off motorway and again while going uphill to my home.

Am I right to suspect brake fluid level? Have brought some DOT4 fluid (as the manual says) and added some to the fluid chamber thingy. Can't tell if the fluid level is between min and max markings, it's tucked away so much that it is hard to see.

Went for a drive and brake light did not come back on at all, even when going uphill to my home. So I think it must have been the fluid level - but clearly topping up only resolves problem on temp basis. Have car booked in garage for Tuesday am (soonest they can look at it - oh why do garages not open Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.

Anyway... any mechanics out there? Reading this, do you feel it is a brake fluid issue? Will try not to drive unless necessary. Any suggestions on what to do... is it ok to top up and leave it at that, or should I avoid driving (though I have to work this weekend)?

OP posts:
Ivor · 26/05/2007 16:30

Are there any brake fluid puddles under the car?

nannynick · 26/05/2007 16:36

No, I've not noticed any significant puddles. It can be hard to tell - should I try putting some cardboard under the car to see if anything drips on it? Any particular location for putting the cardboard - like middle under engine, next to front wheel etc.

OP posts:
Ivor · 26/05/2007 16:45

Should say I'm not a mechanic but have played with a lot of cars over my time.

In my experiance if you've got a leak, you can survive by keeping it topped up as you have.
I would have a look at the brake liners (all the pipes and tubes) coming out of the master cylinder. They should ratiate to each of the wheels.
If you can't see anything glaringly wrong (like a hole or dripping fluid) I would just keep a supply of fluid in the car to top up if the light comes back on.
If you find a big hole, get a lift to work, driving a car with no brakes is a knicker wetting experiance and NOT in a good way!

nannynick · 26/05/2007 16:50

Have put some cardboard under the front of the car to see if there are any drips. Will keep an eye on the light coming back on again.

Yeah... a car with no brakes would not be good!
At least I have it booked in at garage on Tuesday, so just need to survive until then.

OP posts:
Ivor · 26/05/2007 16:53

Good luck,
these warning lights usually come on way early anyway, so if you don't have any drips the fluid might of just needed topping up.

Have a good weekend

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