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Is my mini-van sexist??

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DaddyCool · 24/05/2007 18:18

I mean it's big and some would argue it's just an extension of my formentioned weiner. Is this putting pressure on women to buy bigger cars to keep up in a man's world because if it is, I believe we should abolish all mini-vans.

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Spider · 24/05/2007 18:20

My DH is insisting on buying a minibus with the express intention of intimidating women in their Renault Clios.

Actually he's going to convert it into the camper of our dreams. He says.

Anyway I don't fee threatened by your large vehicle. I'm happy to nip by you in my little Beamer.

DaddyCool · 24/05/2007 18:22

rotten bastard

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DaddyCool · 24/05/2007 18:23

he's putting undo pressure on women. drop him.

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