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Which car

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Nixpix1 · 25/04/2018 06:44

Just a quick question. I need a new car, not sure which one to get. I have a few options. My budget is 8.5k and I'm liking the BMW x1, 3 series and then lexus ct200h.

I have 3 children,the youngest being 2 so will need to be able to fit in a car seat and not leaving the other 2 children cramped. We keep the pushchair in the boot and so extra room for groceries etc.

What would you recommend?

OP posts:
MrPan · 25/04/2018 06:47

Depends on the colour.

INeedNewShoes · 25/04/2018 06:52

How old are your other two children?

Nixpix1 · 25/04/2018 09:20

11 and 9

OP posts:
BrashCandicoot · 25/04/2018 09:24

None of them unless you can afford bmw/Lexus repair bills.

PancakesAndMapleSyrup · 25/04/2018 09:39

Bmw1 series will be way too small. Forget that one from the off.

skoda62 · 27/04/2018 11:39

Skoda Yeti. I have a company one provided for a school run I do. Four children up to 16 will fit in very comfortable. Ample leg room in rear seats. Its a 1.25 auto with plenty of guts. Seven gears with sport and triptronic selections. Nice size boot too. Fuel consumption is good. Also will fit in most garages as about the length of a focus. Some good reviews on motoring sites. For 8.5k should be able to pick up a decent one? If like me don't like auto, manual versions available.

Nixpix1 · 30/04/2018 10:36

Not liking the yeti. How about the q3? A bit pricey but can get a nice one for a couple of grand extra.

OP posts:
Dadgum1 · 22/05/2018 19:16

Nissan quashkai

Dadgum1 · 22/05/2018 19:18

Ah yes. You get a lovely heated rear window on those helps kee your hands warm when your pushing itWink

ZeroFuchsGiven · 22/05/2018 19:23

I don't know about the q3 but I have a q5 and I love it, best car I've ever driven.
I always swore I'd never have an audi but don't think I'd have anything else now.

skoda62 · 23/05/2018 09:24

Well, its been a month now. Made a choice yet?

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