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jedimasterlincoln · 24/07/2017 11:49

Not sure if anyone has experience of this first hand, and I know it exists... but what are everyone's thoughts about Post Natal Depression in dads?
The majority of the time I'm ok. DD is just 12 days old... we are working as a team. There are times at night where I feel frustrated that I can't help, DD is screaming for food (we're breast feeding on demand) and I just fall asleep with exhaustion (I have Cardiac issues). OH tells me not to worry and there's nothing I can do but I still feel a bit helpless (I do sometimes help with winding DD)

We managed when OH child from previous partner was still at school. One of both of us would get up and do school run with DD and Step Daughter (SD) then OH would go back to bed and I'd stay up with DD who by this time would be fed dressed and changed - giving her 3ish hours in the morning to "catch up" .. I'd just keep going until bedtime on 6 hours sleep because the majority of that was consistent uninterrupted.

Now though (still with me?) it's the first week of the holidays and we've not had a great morning. SD was awake screaming of leg pain at 1am just when we'd settled DD after a feed.... (no idea what it was about but she's fine this morning)
OH had been awake since 5am as DD wouldn't settle after a feed and I'd only had about 5 hours sleep between the SD scream and waking up again.

We tried to settle DD this morning after a brew and a feed but she was full of wind and wouldn't settle. I had SD wanting to be amused (she's nearly 5) and DD screaming and frustration from having to disturb OH at 10:30 for another feed when she'd barely had chance to get off to sleep.

I'm worried how the next few weeks are going to play out, we can still go out and do stuff as a family when we're not so sleep starved as I'm off work for another week BUT after that I go back to work and OH will be doing it all alone. My family are 2 hours away and hers all work and are 45 minutes away. My day shifts start at 7am and end at either 1:30 or 19:30 so I'm going to be even more knackered thanks to that and Cardiac issues as I am now doing relatively nothing..... but OH will have no chance of "escape" if I'm at work and I worry about not only myself (cardiac symptoms are exacerbated by lack of sleep) but her coping alone.

Any advice or previous experience helpful.... sorry for the long post just needed to sound off as much as explain the set up.

OP posts:
ordinaryman · 26/07/2017 19:56

I remember it being hell with babies and toddlers. No real advice to offer, other than take rest where you can and take one day at a time.

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