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Are these fantasies normal??

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hidingbehindthisname · 19/03/2007 19:48

Would be interested to hear what men think of this

My partner wants to see me in action with another bloke.. he may join in or just watch. He wants to act this one out

I'm very open minded and quite like the idea but he always used to be so jealous of other men and of my past.. now he gets off on me relaying my naughty past to him (he likes to question me on it while having a tug!)

Like i say, i don't mind any of it but just wonder what other men think

OP posts:
HappyDaddy · 19/03/2007 22:20

Fairly common, I think. Still think it's a bad idea to act on them though.

I preferred my dw telling me about her past / fantasies while we're at it, rather than having a tug though!

UnquietDad · 20/03/2007 17:08

I think it's not an unusual fantasy, although it's more common [i.e. usual common, not chav common] to want to see you in action with another "bird"!

DrDaddy · 29/03/2007 10:52

Nope. Not something I'd personally be remotely interested if it was for real, would he actually feel the same, i.e. would it match up to the fantasy?

KittyLetteMeEatAnEasterEgg · 29/03/2007 10:57

yea, i like the idea of watching my DP with another woman - wouldnt let it happen obviously, but thats what fantasies are for

as long as hes not trying to make it reality its fine

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