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DP with low/no libido - what could it mean?

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CatOnAHotTinRoof · 14/01/2007 17:48

I am a regular but have changed my name, honest.

DH and I have been together 5 years and have a LO aged 2. In the early days sex was fabulous - the best. The only odd thing was his habit of bursting into hysterics after orgasm (his) as though he'd just been tickled. It was a bit odd, sometimes annoying but mostly funny.

Anyway, as we went on he began to play games a bit, saying I was putting weight on, getting older, saying I wasn't as attractive as before (he'd fancied me all through our twenties but never had the nerve to ask me out as he thought I was out of his league). I don't think he was being nasty here but that he was rationalising about something - what I'm not sure of. It is true, I'm not 20 anymore (in my mid 30s), but I'm still very attractive, though I say so myself.

One thing that may be important is that he refuses to believe me when I tell him I did fancy him in our twenties. Not sure if he's kicking himself. he was going out with someone in that time which at his behest became a sexless relationship; at much cost to her self esteem.

Do you think he just as a low libido or something else is at work here.

I am as sure as anyone can be that he's not gay so lets just leave that possibility out until there's no others left.

Anyway, I really don't want to spend the rest of my life in a sexless relationship but nether do I want to devastate my LO?s life because his mum had a sex drive. What do I do?

OP posts:
CatOnAHotTinRoof · 14/01/2007 18:28

bump - any advice welcomed!!

Just to prove I'm a regular - 'is that you UCM?'

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morningpaper · 14/01/2007 18:43

This kind of thing is best tackled with therapy, TBH

There are so many emotions and complicated reasons that make up a missing sex life, and they can't be easily answered. There is never a simple answer. You need to talk to your DH and hopefully build things up from scratch again.

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