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Blog about Breastfeeding from a Dads Point of View

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user1456419152 · 06/03/2016 18:06


I have only recently signed up, but I have written a blog on some of my thoughts so far.

I did it to try and make other new dads feel a bit better.

Have a read if you like and let me know your thoughts

Thanks Smile

OP posts:
VinceNoirLovesHowardMoon · 06/03/2016 18:12

Hi user
Don't be offended please but that blog post was a bit boring
I don't think you offered any amazing insights and I'm not sure why you have shared it here rather than just with your Facebook friends?

daddio2016 · 06/03/2016 18:42


Like I said, it is the first time I've ever written a blog and first time on here!

Maybe blogging isn't for me!! Sad

I felt really guilty at not getting up and thought others might as well so I thought writing this may help others!

FaFoutis · 06/03/2016 18:48

I've read worse in the Guardian.

fortifiedwithtea · 06/03/2016 19:12

But you are doing the housework, your wife is a lucky woman. TBH if anyone tells you that you are being selfish then tell them to fuck off.

Isn't it just common sense for the man to sleep at night? It's what we did too. I breast fed my pfb for 8 months until she decided I was trying to torture her putting a boob near her face. It was a combination of her teething and me having a period and a curry the night before that done it (makes the milk taste different). Second daughter breastfed until 10 months, put on formula as she needed to gain weight.

Congratulations on your new baby. It sounds like you are doing a great job.

daddio2016 · 06/03/2016 19:18

Thanks for commenting Smile

You right about the curry, does something too their poo too...little one ruined our carpet with a projectile one!! ShockShock

VinceNoirLovesHowardMoon · 06/03/2016 19:37

To be fair, most blogs are a bit boring. It's more or less a diary entry whic unless I know you isn't terribly interesting.

LaPharisienne · 06/03/2016 19:38

sorry, but what vincenoir said. And it reads like a humble brag, I'm afraid.

PamBagnallsGotACollage · 06/03/2016 19:57

Harsh responses. I liked it. I guess it could have been more succinct. If you enjoyed doing it, carry on. You're writing style will develop. Write it for you and if you pick up followers, all the better. :)

PamBagnallsGotACollage · 06/03/2016 19:58


daddio2016 · 06/03/2016 20:01

Thankyou! It's the first time I've written on here and I agree I thought the responses were a tad harsh haha

But then again I'd prefer people to be honest Smile

BossWitch · 06/03/2016 20:07

I feel like you need to have more of a point to make. As it is, you're pretty much just describing your day, your routine - that's not really that interesting. Think of the one clear point that you want to make, a thing you really, desperately believe in, or an incredibly strong feeling, and make sure that runs all the way through your writing. Introduce that point clearly at the beginning and return to it (if possible, from a subtly different, developed point of view) at the end.

BossWitch · 06/03/2016 20:08

Also - never use more than one exclamation mark at the end of a sentence!

Philoslothy · 06/03/2016 20:15

Would it not be easier to have a crib in your bedroom for Isabel, they are supposed to be in the same room for you at night for six months. Your wife can't sleep in a chair for six months.

Roseberrry · 06/03/2016 20:15

It was a bit dull but I agree that your writing style can only get better by continuing.

Is your wife happy going through your dd's room to feed btw? I did that with my first baby and was shattered, gave up breastfeeding after a few months. Our second baby was in a side crib or our bed so all I had to do was reach over to him and whack a boob out, so much easier!

Philoslothy · 06/03/2016 20:17

I co slept with mine ( which I know is not for everyone) so all I had to do was roll over if I felt very lazy. Some nights in the crib some nights in our bed

daddio2016 · 06/03/2016 20:23

We do have a Moses basket in our bedroom - which she starts off in and does go to sleep in.

Just when it comes to feed time, my wife would rather do it in the chair and if she falls asleep she's sitting up rather than lying down.

We have looked at co sleeping many times, we are both so scared of rolling on her in the night! How do you find it?

daddio2016 · 06/03/2016 20:24

Also, we also looked at a side crib, but we have a sensor pad under the Moses basket and that doesn't work with a side crib.

All still new to us, so I welcome suggestions Smile

BossWitch · 06/03/2016 21:23

Do you have a spare bed? I coslept in the spare room with DD sometimes it felt much safer in there as there was more space.

Roseberrry · 06/03/2016 21:24

You wouldn't need the sensor pad if she was in the crib next to you, you'd be able to sense her yourself.
I co slept with ds2 and never came close to rolling on him, but we do have a massive bed so there was lots of space for us all.

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