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blush! could be tmi. A delicate question sex related!

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adelicatequestion · 30/10/2006 18:18

I was wondering

Do you men often get a "spermy" stain in your pants/boxers or only when you have had sex/erection.

Thankyou from embarrassed.

OP posts:
schneebly · 30/10/2006 18:23

yes, i believe so.

WelshBoris · 30/10/2006 18:24

I know this one and I havent even got a willy

Yes, it can leak even if he doesnt have sex

If a man gets aroused during the day, it can leak

Can leak during sex aswell, before the actual ejaculation, so always wear a condom

adelicatequestion · 30/10/2006 18:27

Wouldn;t you have to have a pretty full on erection for it to happen?

I'm guessing it wouldn;t happen during a normal working day. Would it?

OP posts:
WelshBoris · 30/10/2006 18:27

No you dont need a full erection

WelshBoris · 30/10/2006 18:28

And of course it could happen during a normal day

Men become turned on all the time, about lots of different things

uptillallhours · 30/10/2006 18:34

Why are you asking, ADQ?

adelicatequestion · 30/10/2006 19:28

Inoticed it after a fight the other night and wondered if he was playing away.

OP posts:
HappyDaddy · 06/11/2006 13:18

Playing away because he has a spunk stain? Blimey, hope he never has a wank, you'll think he's a right womaniser.

You must have more reason than that if you suspect, he's elsewhere.

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