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Stay at home dads and csa payments help

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bunny101 · 07/02/2015 21:59

Can anyone give me info as the web is not helping............ If we become a stay at home dad family what will the csa take into account as income?

Hubby will have no as income.
Wife with work have her wages, wtc, ctc and child benefit payed to her.

From what i can see on the web csa will take the ctc into account and we will make a payment from that income.... am i right??

Before people start shooting me down here i'm trying to do the best for my family xx

OP posts:
fedupbutfine · 22/04/2015 18:19

The stay at home father's children are part of the family, aren't they? Even if they don't live with you full time.

The CSA/CMS are unable to get blood from a stone. I believe there may be a claim on Tax Credits, yes, but it's not always the case. I have yet to work out what that variable is.

Morally, paying some kind of child maintenance should be factored into an NRP making a decision to stay at home and care for 'new' children or someone else's children.

But then as I always say on here, there are way too many women happy to stand by men who don't support their children. Or make excuses as to why it's OK in their case.

Stubbed · 22/04/2015 18:22

Surely he should not be a stay at home dad if he has children to support?

Viviennemary · 22/04/2015 18:31

Since the SAHD has no income then he will be registered as contributing nothing. IMHO. Not sure about tax credits though. But AFAIK there can be no claim on the other partner's income. But not working should not be an option if he has children to support.

newbieman1978 · 27/04/2015 22:24

In what universe is it ok not to support your own children?

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie · 27/04/2015 22:29

From a moral perspective, if he wants to be a sahd then his partner should slbe willing to support the ALL the children in the family from her income. Otherwise he can't give up work.

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