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ipod help

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missymoosal · 05/10/2006 16:45

Know some might find this sexist but need advice over ds' ipod nano.
I made a mistake when registering his ipod (used my email address instead of mine) Changed it and registered his itunes with the new details but still have a major problem when we download music.
The song apears on his itunes page, it downloads onto his ipod but when we select it and try to play it the song appears for approx 1 sec and then jumps to the next song and won't play.
I am fairly technically minded and have tried everything I can think of and so has DH but nothing works. Feel v guilty as I messed it up and everyonelse's is fine.
Can anyone help??
Mums who may read this are v welcome to reply just thought this would be best place to put it.

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