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Does anyone else get these emails?

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UnquietDad · 19/09/2006 10:28

Always with a one- or two-word subject line, and a plausible - if unusual - name as the sender, e.g.:

"Desmond Zuniga - shakily"
"Odette Schmitt - subjectively"
"Anthony Bartram - notice relevancy"

They're always in my webmail and obviously I always delete them without opening, so I have no idea what they are actually trying to do. Anyone?

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 19/09/2006 10:32

no but I'm getting loads with something like this


in the title!

cremolafoam · 19/09/2006 10:37

UQD yes i have them too:

marthamoo · 19/09/2006 10:37

I have been getting weird ones for months now that sound similar, UnquietDad:

Sender: suffering
Subject: Angels remain benchmark strongest

Sender: known
Subject: Resources known

Sender: Haba Little
Subject: much

Sender: polar
Subject: a:hover In

They're driving me mad!

cremolafoam · 19/09/2006 10:37


cremolafoam · 19/09/2006 10:39

Crutch Limolo: dearly respected

pollyesther · 19/09/2006 10:41

Yes all the time, they go straight to bulk, and like you i send them straight to trash, bl$$dy annoying though

SOULGIRL · 19/09/2006 10:55

We get loads of these every day and I am sure they are linked to Hubby's heavy EBay habit.

I view them on preview...generally they are trying to sell performance enhacing drugs!! We also get quite a few about stock market offers, I mean is anyone so stupid they would fall for it?

I got one last week supposedly from the bank with loads of spelling mistakes in it and using flowery words which an English person would NEVER use...I have a good vocabulary but I didnt have a clue what it meant!!

UnquietDad · 19/09/2006 11:42

They sometimes sound like Googlewhacks to me!

Only about one person in 10,000 needs to fall for an email scam in order to make it worth doing.

While I'm here, has anyone ever had their screen snap to black right in the middle of a YouTube video? Rather scary. It always comes back again when I moves the mouse.

OP posts:
CarlK · 19/09/2006 11:48

UQD is that your powersaving settings cutting in.
Right click your destop, select proerties, screen saver, and then power settings....

CarlK · 19/09/2006 11:48

BTW UI get about 10 of those emails a day I add them to the junk filter

UnquietDad · 19/09/2006 11:50

Don't think so. "Turn off Monitor" is set to Never.

OP posts:
SOULGIRL · 19/09/2006 11:58

The annoying thing is though the "sender" is different every time so adding them to junk is a waste of time.

Weatherwax · 19/09/2006 12:12

I get hundreds of these a day and they are just annoying! I wouldn't touch an email from a bank. My internet bank tells me every time there is a statement and that gets trashed too. I don't get the blank ones, why are they sending these? I also find I have to go through so many of these to find the odd real email I recieve. My filters seem to think these are juck more than the "PHnjkARMA" ones!

BigGayDad · 21/09/2006 20:04

I got one today offering a herbal concoction that would extend my penis by 4 inches. I considered it but thought it was a bit of a risk. Anyway why would I want a penis that was 25% longer!!

robinpud · 21/09/2006 20:06

I understood these were just trying to harvest email addresses, I thought that by using inoocuous words which people are unlikely to have set as rules they get opened more often.

robinpud · 21/09/2006 20:07

Wouldn't it at least be useful to have one that was visible to the naked eye BigGAyDad??????????

BigGayDad · 21/09/2006 20:13

I'd like something naked to see it occassionally!!

SaintGeorge · 21/09/2006 20:16

Viewing on preview not a good idea really. Although these type of mails are normally phishing, some have been known to carry trogans or a virus.

Using the viewing pane still has to access the email so can potentially infect your PC.

Best just to delete without looking at.

nightowl · 21/09/2006 20:19

i keep getting ones for cheap meds, penis enlarging type things and apparently a large number of bored housewives would like to hook up with me for sex.

donnie · 21/09/2006 20:23

oooh go on BigGayDad, go for it!! you know you want to!!!

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