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Moved to Tamworth - don't know anyone!

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Jackblack83 · 15/06/2014 21:12


I know it's seen as odd for a bloke to say this, but I've moved to Tamworth to live with my now wife and it's great here but I don't know anyone. We are early thirties and have a young son (6 months old). We don't work round here and have no connections here so we don't get a chance to socialise in the area. Im not a massive socialiser, but the chance to pop out for a pint now n then would be great..

The little lad is obviously our full time work at the minute and all has been fine but for some reason it's hit me a bit over the World Cup when it dawned on me I hadn't a soul to watch the matches with lol

I also bike ride (alone) casually around canal toe paths in Tamworth when I can get a few hours free - I'm no bradly wiggins and I'm also a keen videographer (make movies - nothing seedy lol). I'm also a villa fan (more armchair these days due to little one).

I go to the local pub to catch a game sometimes but it's odd sitting in a pub on your tod!!

A chance to get to know other dads in the area who understand kids come first but a sat afternoon social here or there would be great. Goes without saying this isn't a dating etc advert.

Clubs for dads to take their little ones or something like that in the area would be great.

Any friendly clubs/groups/people etc?


OP posts:
Onesqueakywheel · 27/07/2014 11:10

Hi. Just come across this so might be a bit redundant now. It you google meetup there is a thriving group that operates around Tamworth. Actually if you go onto the meetup site you can put in your interests and it comes up with all local groups that meet your specifications.
Good luck.

Mummyof2Terrors · 28/07/2014 12:26

Been sent this today - might be of help?

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