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Is every sperm sacred?

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Overboost · 05/09/2006 15:37

Hi- newbie here. Couldn't decide which forum/room to post this in, so here goes:

When trying for a baby, is masturbation a pretty stupid idea? (I'm not saying I stand at the end of the bed while she lays on her back legs akimbo and I 'aim' for the bullseye).

I'm afraid I'm not a genetic jackhammer, so have a 'quick one' about 2 hours before we have sex so the main event lasts longer (I got fed up of 2 hours of foreplay then shooting my load after ten minutes) if you see what I mean...

Is this an unwise idea when 'trying' cos your best soldiers have been flushed down the loo?

OP posts:
Flossam · 05/09/2006 15:51

Does your DP/W know about this problem you are having? If not I wonder if you ought to be trying to work it out with her before the two of you try for a baby. Goodness, sex must be very premeditated in your house - lot less opportunity of doing that with a baby around!!!

That is my advice to you if you are genuine.

Overboost · 05/09/2006 15:59

Lol- it's not like she leaves post it notes on the kettle with "meet me in the bedroom at 7pm tonight xxx" Equally if halfway through dinner she throws me to the floor and has her wicked way I'm not going to shout "Stop-I'm not ready yet!"

OP posts:
markybaby · 07/09/2006 21:36

if you're trying to get pregnant why not just shag her twice? if the first one isn't great you'll cheer her up no end two hours later. personally I'd be asleep by then so tell your missus she's lucky.

PinkTulips · 07/09/2006 21:38

marky baby has a point... surely 2 shags is better than a wank and a shag? and all the more chance to conceive

BigGayDad · 07/09/2006 23:14

You are just sending the expendable ones over the top first before sending in your crack troops.

And while we are on the army analogies, you could try the SAS approach, in and out again without her noticing!!

LoveMyGirls · 15/09/2006 21:28

i would say 2 shags is better and doubles your chance of conceiving plus you wont be getting much of that later so you're best to get in there while you can

Blandmum · 15/09/2006 21:34

Do you lads know that you make 1000-2000 sperm every second?

and we women wonder why you can't multi task, eh?

(just taught sex ed to the sixth form)

DominiConnor · 27/09/2006 15:04

My understanding is that sperm goes off.
If you haven't bonked for a while, then the first shot is quite probably a dud.

I saw some study a while back that showed that men wanked more when there was a reasonable expectation of sex within the next few days than when they hadn't had any for a while.
That sort of fits with wanking being a clearing of of the pipes.

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