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Women's sports

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Changlingz · 14/08/2012 14:32

After watching the tremendous Olympics I really hope sports other than men's football (which i can't bear to watch anymore) will finally get more attention.

Particularly Women's sports, my daughter has little interest in sport but hopefully seeing Jessica Ennis and the rest will inspire her to take part.

I really hope the attention doesn't quickly fizzle out. I'm involved with Cricket and after the Ashes in 2005 we saw a big upturn in children wanting to play, and we've had more girls playing this year than ever before.

I also think women's football could be popular as a family occasion to watch.

So will the Olympics leave a legacy?

OP posts:
OneOfMyTurnsComingOn · 14/08/2012 14:34

I hope so too. DD has certainly been playing out on her bike more. She loves Joanna Rowsell.

RumbleGreen · 23/08/2012 18:20

Did you mean to post this in dadsnet? I don't think women's football will really take off since it is more of the same thing tv is saturated with football as it is. Probably room for something different though

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