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Please can you give me your thoughts on this

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scatterboxgirl1 · 05/01/2012 12:38

I really could do with some male perspectives here please. I have posted on the relationsip board " what would you make of this???" Sorry but I haven't mastered the link thing yet. I am not out to cause any conflict and I won't linch you if you have differing opionion to may of the women on here. I am just seeking a male perspective.

I have just discovered my partner has set up a profile of me on a well known and respected dating site (not a no strings one) with a photo of me and has been sending messages to men and replying to messages that men have sent as me. His reason being that he gets a thrill out of other men finding me attractive. He said he was inquisitive and accepts that he has crossed the boundary of acceptable behaviour. I can accept that, however the nature of this messages that he has been sending to these guys are extremely explicit and quite honestly make me look like a slag. I am bloody furious and also must add that he posted a couple of naked photos of me on the site which they removed as it didn't meet with their photo guidelines. What on earth would you do about this. We have children and I have recently given birth to our 3rd child.

OP posts:
buggyRunner · 05/01/2012 12:41

I'm not a bloke but I think you need to get rid of him. I would worry about him putting photos of the kids on line.

PansPeople · 07/01/2012 12:31

Bloke here, fwiw - no sure where to begin really. He sounds fairly fucked up re personal boundaries and respect issues. There is a pretty clear line bewtween the 'pride' element of having an attractive partner, and in RL getting other men to pore over you for his, and their pleasure. He is objectifying you in a very hideous way.

It's professional intervention for him, or he is out. No intervention here means 'no change'.

TypicalCrouchEnder · 08/01/2012 08:20

Completely agree with PansPeople - he needs to be made to realise how offensive this is to you. Either by you, a friend or through a professional intervention.

Youllbewaiting · 08/01/2012 08:27

This is quite bizarre. Is he gay?

QueenofWhatever · 08/01/2012 16:36

I'm a woman FWIW. I've read many shocking and saddening stories on MNet but I think this has to be one of the most disturbing. I would not want a man like that any where near me or my children.

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