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Which language is this please?

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INXS · 06/01/2018 09:14

Let’s see if I can actually attach something...

Thank you!

Which language is this please?
OP posts:
lonelymum86 · 06/01/2018 09:42

Arabic? Looks like Arabic alphabet

lonelymum86 · 06/01/2018 09:44

Could be Urdu which has a similar alphabet

My grandfather was a great linguist 6 languages he could have told me. He could write in 4 scripts. Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu And English.

Madamfrog · 06/01/2018 10:26

It says Sal nou shoma mubarak, read from right to left, which looks like Persian or Urdu for Happy New Year to you. (Disclaimer, I read classical Persian at university many years ago and may be totally wrong)

notevenamum1 · 06/01/2018 10:40

You’re right! It says happy new year. I read it in Urdu but as it uses the Arabic alphabet it could be any Arabic dialect

INXS · 06/01/2018 21:21

Thank you all!

OP posts:
hickerydickerydockmouse · 19/12/2018 21:13

it's persian. I speak urduand we share some words from persian. it says happy new year

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