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Sandwiches, how many do you have?

36 replies

Eveysdad · 30/09/2015 22:43

I remember having a discussion about this a few years ago at work, so let's ask:

I have 2 slices of bread, I butter both of them, put cheese, ham and pickle on one and put the other on top, I then cut it directly in half.

How many sandwiches do I have? 1 or 2

OP posts:

PurpleDaisies · 30/09/2015 23:31

I wonder if this thread will turn into a bunfight...


SenecaFalls · 30/09/2015 23:33

A hamburger is a sandwich. If you cut it in half, you wouldn't call it two hamburgers.


Eveysdad · 30/09/2015 23:37

Anyone who says 2 sandwiches is mental. Grin I can't just go cut a car in half and have 2 cars, can't cut a TV in half and have 2 TV's. Lol. Mentalists I tells you . Wink

OP posts:

SanityClause · 30/09/2015 23:38

What about toast? If a round of sandwiches is two slices of bread (which it is) how many slices of bread are needed to make a round of toast?


SenecaFalls · 30/09/2015 23:45

"Round" of sandwiches is British English, by the way. We don't use that expression in the US for sandwiches or toast. An "order" of toast is usually two slices.


Crikeyblimey · 30/09/2015 23:46

A round of sandwiches uses two rounds of bread. Making them into a sandwich makes them one item - one round of sandwiches.

Therefore - cut it half you still have one sandwich.


penguinsarecool · 30/09/2015 23:48

2 rounds normally, cut into triangle halves.


SwedishEdith · 01/10/2015 00:10

If you cut a worm in half, you get 2 worms.


JobobeanHo · 01/10/2015 07:44

I hate the kind of people who offer you toast but only give you one slice. That's not even a snack.


Sgtmajormummy · 01/10/2015 08:16

Aaaaargh. Nobody is going to be "right". Let me out of here!


ouryve · 01/10/2015 14:31

The same discussion can be had about a piece of paper, btw

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