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Prom 47- anyone hazard a guess as to whether falsetto or the 'real thing' (ouch!)?

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pugsandseals · 20/08/2009 21:38

A bit late I know but only just started to watch in on playback & I missed the interval chat.
Just wondered if anyone had heard anything about Mr Falsetto/Castrato- sounded very 'real thing' but not sure if anyone still goes through all that nonsense anymore?

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SingingBear · 20/08/2009 21:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pugsandseals · 20/08/2009 21:44

Thanks! It just sounded so real, much better than my music teacher from years ago who sung for Cambridge in his formative years (nothing against him, he was lovely!)

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EccentricaUsesTheDMForBogRoll · 20/08/2009 21:49

don't know. good though.

Teladi · 20/08/2009 21:58

It was falsetto, although I didn't catch the prom, I know who was appearing. There's an article about the singer here. I'm always impressed when I hear professional countertenors! There haven't been any castrati for some years now, (thank goodness) the trend died out in the eighteenth century I believe although I think there were still one or two around into the nineteenth century. I could be wrong on those exact dates, but I remember reading about the history of it.

pugsandseals · 20/08/2009 22:09

Many thanks for the link! Very useful

OP posts:
SingingBear · 20/08/2009 22:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

JeffVadar · 26/08/2009 17:51

The counter tenor is a strange and wonderful voice! There is also a male soprano voice here

There is a recording of the last real castrato here

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