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So - is anyone going to any Proms this year?

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Katisha · 23/06/2009 20:11

Or have the classical music lot all gone Somewhere Else?

OP posts:
serenity · 23/06/2009 20:17

We're going to the Children's one if that counts? DH is a bit of an inverse snob over classical music so this is as close as I'm ever going to get him to it

Katisha · 24/06/2009 11:00

Perhaps he'll get converted at the children's concert!

OP posts:
Lilymaid · 24/06/2009 11:09

Most seem to have gone "somewhere else". I intend to go one night when both DH and I am in London.

Katisha · 24/06/2009 12:13

Yep Somewhere Else is def where they all are.
Not much of a classical music presence on MN these days!

OP posts:
Bramshott · 24/06/2009 12:31

Might go to Prom 53 - I have always had a soft spot for Mendelssohn's Scottish Symphony.

LIZS · 24/06/2009 12:35

Are there still tickets for the Children's ones ?

Bramshott · 24/06/2009 13:22

You can check programmes [[ here]

And buy tickets here

Tickets for the FREE family prom are available from tomorrow (25 June) on this link

Bramshott · 24/06/2009 13:23

Oops, sorry - programmes here

Bramshott · 24/06/2009 13:25

Tickets for the Darwin concert for kids on 2 August are still definitely available in the circle (it's Prom 23)

Tinfoil · 15/07/2009 20:36

Will be listening to some on the radio Are you going to any, Katisha?

SkaterGrrrrl · 11/09/2009 16:00

Im going to proms in the park tomorrow!

bronze · 13/09/2009 14:12

Did you have a good time Skater?

I watched the last night on tv (and cried how pathetic is that!)

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