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have just got back from Calendar Girls - the stage production .....

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Tommy · 05/03/2009 23:40

and it is lovely - a really fantastic production. I would recommend it for a lovely girlfriends night out

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lilolilmanchester · 06/03/2009 00:38

I'm going in a couple of weeks - glad you enjoyed it!

Innamin · 06/03/2009 00:43

Thanks for heads up. Where did you see it?

Tommy · 06/03/2009 08:02

Southampton. I wuld get your tickets quick if you want to go - we were right at the top of the theatre (I heard there were some famou people in it but couldn't see their faces! [)

very popular

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deste · 07/03/2009 20:26

I loved the show but didn't really get Elaine C Smith. Was she supposed to be Yorkshire, Scottish or RP English. At some points we were getting it all in the same piece of dialogue. Good actors dont do that. There are so many others who could have done it so much better.

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