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Cirque du Soleil - Quidam Anyone been?

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jennifersofia · 04/01/2009 22:39

Am thinking of taking 8 yr old dd and a friend as a birthday treat. Do you think it is suitable / a good idea?

OP posts:
zenandtheartofbaking · 05/01/2009 01:24

I don't know if we went to see Quidam but we've taken the dcs to two CdS performances and they were fine.

We took them to afternoon performances.

Ds went for hi 2nd birthday. The big question was whether he would stay seated for the whole thing. He did; partly because he was a bit like that, partly because it was very beautiful and athletic, with a strong narrative edge.

The clowns weren't scary and there wasn't anything alarming.

Molesworth · 06/01/2009 09:23

Brilliant idea, if you ask me; I think an 8 year old would love it.

Disclaimer: not actually seen Quidam, just several of their other shows, but dp has seen it and said it was brilliant.

chicca · 29/01/2009 21:54

Do you think 4 wd be too young? The Varekai show is coming near us and just wondering about it..

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