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turner prize wtf!

6 replies

southeastastra · 02/12/2008 08:31

i obviously don't understand modern art

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TheSeriousOne · 02/12/2008 08:36

I'm with you.... I don't get the man and I don't get his 'art'.

southeastastra · 02/12/2008 09:54

his homer is crapola

OP posts:
TheSeriousOne · 02/12/2008 09:59

I just think he's a bit of a k**b

southeastastra · 02/12/2008 10:04

do you know him?

OP posts:
TheSeriousOne · 02/12/2008 12:03

I wouldn't call him a friend, but yes, I know of him.

he's not your brother or something is he????

southeastastra · 02/12/2008 13:12

haha no

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