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Slava's Snow Show

13 replies

geordieminx · 30/10/2008 06:57

Has anyone seen it? What did you think?

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geordieminx · 30/10/2008 10:45


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Stefka · 30/10/2008 19:52

I saw it a couple of years ago and loved it.

prettybutterfly · 01/11/2008 22:43

It's on near us, but my DCs are 6 and 4 and I wasn't sure they'd be old enough. What do you think?

annh · 03/11/2008 01:17

I saw it with dc a few years ago, I think they were 7 and 5 at the time. They loved it! If your 4 year old is particularly sensitive they might be a little scared at some bits - there is a huge spiders web which is passed back through the audience at one point and when the storm starts it is quite blowy at the front. Other than a few things like that I think it is fine. However, if you go you really have to try and sit in the stalls because so many things happen there which just don't/can't make their way up to the upper levels.

prettybutterfly · 03/11/2008 12:40

Thanks annh, it sounds really wonderful. My 4yo tells me he isn't scared of ANYTHING, so we ought to be ok!

Stefka · 17/11/2008 19:09

I think they will love it!

gremlindolphin · 17/11/2008 22:49

We're being taken to see it on Saturday - I was going to post re: suitability for small children but you have answered my questions for me!

PortAndLemon · 17/11/2008 22:52

Saw it a couple of years ago. If your DCs have a reasonable concentration span I would take them. We didn't take DS but I think he was only a very young two at the time. I would take him like a shot now (nearly four).

gremlindolphin · 23/11/2008 20:19

Just seen it in Plymouth, completely fab, we were all knocked out by it including dd (4) who didn't want to leave and and was dragged away at the end sobbing " I want to stay with Slava" all the way to the car!

Very surreal and very beautiful. Go and see it if you can, its on in Southampton next and then thats it in the UK until the next tour.

Apollinare · 03/12/2008 23:41

We saw it last year in Bradford and thought that it was fantastic. Our two super cool teenage girls collected boxes of snow at the end, they loved it so much.

Cammelia · 03/12/2008 23:55

I saw it last year at the Theatre Royal in Brighton, one of the best things I've ever seen in my whole life.

skrimbo · 09/12/2008 01:19

Aw jealous now it was on last year near us and I nvere went, will have to look out for it next time around.

goodasgoldfrankincenceandmyrhh · 09/12/2008 01:34

I saw it 13 years ago in London, twice in the same week I liked it so much. And I just took my dd1 to see it in Southampton despite the two+hour train journey. Fantastic, she loved it too.

Sign up on the website, it is well worth looking out for.

The clowns in the interval are so funny.

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