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Would you take a 9 year old to see Carmen?

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PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 25/10/2008 23:36

or La Boheme or am I pushing it here?

no babyitter and he likes classical music. Do you think they are suitable for a 9 year old?


OP posts:
Clary · 26/10/2008 00:10

A friend of mine is taking her 7yo to see this very show if that's any help Phantom.

Tho I will say that the Assembly Rooms is a pants venue (uncomfy seats, stage too small, no orchestra pit, bad view).

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 00:13

Hi clary: Yes. I hate it too. I always end up with a dead bum! Beats trick or treating though.

The playhouse is very nice but they are having a load of problems at the moment. It's very sad.

Maybe we should have a mumsnet group and get cheaper tickets.

OP posts:
Panfriedpumpkin · 26/10/2008 00:15

Am in Glossop, at the north end of Derbyshire - about 90 mins away? We don't get much opera in Glossop! And Manchester is a bit hit and miss. And to see a good Carmen would be excellent. And I am off work on 31st.

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 00:18

Whehey! Ok then. La boheme is on the next day awell. Decisions decisions!!
I would do both but the NHS have to pay me first so it'll have to be one
I'll pop round next door tomorrow and see if she's free.
I'm avenanap by the way.

OP posts:
Clary · 26/10/2008 00:21

Ah yes Derby Playhouse.

A nice theatre but not big enough to stage big productions like this.

I would book for Peter Pan there but afraid would lose all my money looking at latest machinations.

Took 5yo DD and then 6yo DD (same child) to see Ellen Kent's ballet at Ass Rooms this year and last and she loved it. Bit long for her and late but she took it well. Tickets were freebie tho so wouldn't have felt I'd wasted cash if she hated it...

Panfriedpumpkin · 26/10/2008 00:22

and I am Pan.

I could do La Boheme, but that means re-organising something, which I don't mind. Haven't seen La Boheme, so that would be good also.

Clary · 26/10/2008 00:22

Oh you're avenanap, didn't know, thought had spotted a new derby-ite!

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 00:26

I have a solution to that (I think), get some other people who want to go and pay for them on a credit card, the total needs to be above £100, then the ticket money is refunded by the credit card company if the theatre goes belly up. You get your money back. In theory that is. They have had some dire plays. I went to watch Moonlanding, a child from ds's old school was in it. It was terrible. The acting was not good and there were outbursts of singing (wailing). Terrible. The Christmas Carol which was on a couple of years ago was really good though. It has so much potential.

I don't know how to wangle free tickets, I'll have to pay.

OP posts:
witcheseve · 26/10/2008 00:27

You can only try it, but don't expect a 9 year old to be inspired. I reckon its a bit young. Nice if you introduce this later. After all how does anyone know what they enjoy unless the've experienced it.

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 00:28

Oh, sorry to disapoint. I name changed in a big way for halloween. I'm keeping this one though.

I'll be really poor if I do both. I don't think she'd babysit for 2 either. Hmmm. I could do beans on toast for a week.

OP posts:
PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 00:30

Quite right witch. ds is a very bright boy though so I think he'll get it. He'll like the orchestra at least. I'll see if my neighbours free though.

OP posts:
Panfriedpumpkin · 26/10/2008 00:35

avenanap. Mail me at [email protected]. I know we can sort something out about the tickets. I'm sure it will be fine. And at the moment, either shows will be good.

Bed time now.

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 00:36

Ok. Night

OP posts:
Clary · 26/10/2008 00:41

phantom actually i chased credit card co re tickets for Treasure Island and they said I would need to have insurance with them which would cost something like 10% of credit card bill

Luckily they reopened so we were able to see it anyway.

Agree Moonlanding overblown and overambitious.

Freebies come through my job but I have to sing for my supper too.

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 00:45

I thought all purchases over £100 were automatically protected.

I'm going to wait for the day and buy them on the door. It is sad though. The caterers have pulled out so they have no restaurant, there was an article in the telegraph about the financial side last week so it's not looking good.

I've started a thread in local about a meet up for christmas if you are interested.

OP posts:
witcheseve · 26/10/2008 00:59

BTW my favourite opera is Carmen. Just thought I'd add that.

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 01:00

Would you like to come too?

OP posts:
witcheseve · 26/10/2008 01:16

Love to, will bring DD, she is a bit of a culture vulture but has never seen opera, yet.

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 01:19

OK. I will email Pan and tell her that the children are joining us. The tickets are a bit expensive though, they start from £18, £2 off for concessions. A group is 10 so we need 4 more.

If you are around Derby I'm hoping to organise a christmas drink. I've started a thread on the local bit.

OP posts:
Cauldronfrau · 26/10/2008 01:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 01:26

Thanks . I'm excited now. I'll show him bits on You tube tomorrow so he'll know what it's about.

OP posts:
twentypence · 26/10/2008 01:17

I take ds to New Zealand Symphoney orchestra concerts and he's 5.

I work at a school who had 10 boys aged 9-11 in the production of Carmen we had locally, so if it's okay for them to be in it - it's definitely okay to take a child the same age to watch.

Panfriedpumpkin · 26/10/2008 10:17

< cough > ...You mean "I will email Pan and tell him that the children are joining us"?

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake · 26/10/2008 12:05

Sorry . I assumed you were female. It was very, very, very bad of me and I shall have to buy you a drink to make up for it.

Could do one child free and one with children? I don't think ds would be interested in la boheme. He's not into romance and stuff.

OP posts:
Panfriedpumpkin · 26/10/2008 13:50

No matter. My fault as I had assumed netters knew I am a daddy rather than a mummy.

mail me in any event?

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