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help me critique poetry with my 11 year old kids ..ta!

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Tortington · 25/01/2005 21:31

would like some childrens poetry books for kids aged 11. if anyone has any going for free alternatively links to printable websites equally as good

also could someone give me advice on critiquing poetry with children. i have done different kinds of stanzas and rhyming schemes, metaphores similies, first person 3 persoon - what am i missing?


OP posts:
candycane · 26/01/2005 14:23

Hi Custardo, I've made a sheet on commenting on poetry for my GCSE groups but it might be a starting point for you. If you CAT me I could send you a copy. You can get all the "old" poetry and some more contemporary, just by putting the titles into Google. Or if you wanted to buy an anthology, The Rattlebag might be one worth looking at.

anorak · 26/01/2005 14:41

Highly recommend 'How To Be Well-Versed In Poetry' edited by E O Parrott, published by Penguin, ISBN 0-14-011275-8.

It explains various poetic forms and gives examples of each.

eidsvold · 18/04/2005 04:44

custardo - just saw this.....

When analysing poetry - I use this with all years... just simplify/more complex depending on the year level.

Use the anagram SPECS S - Subject matter

What is the poem about? Is it telling a story etc (content)

P - Purpose

Why did the poet write it - is there a message/theme.....

E - Emotion

Emotions expressed by poet, felt in the reader, tone of writing. I usually include mood here too.

C - Craftmanship/Poetic Devices

Is it a particular style - ballad, sonnet etc
What poetic devices are used - similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, alliteration, assonance, rhyme, rhythm, symbollism, irony ...etc

How does the use of these devices impact on the understanding, mood etc of the poem.

S -Summary

Here is where I tell them to add their personal viewpoint - well written/not, liked/not, best worst part.

You then take them through step by step... With 11 yo I would just do some simpler poetic devices rather than teaching all of them just yet

Make sure they use quotes from the poem to support their ideas etc.

I did have this all on handout but since we moved back to Aus all my teaching stuff is in storage.

Hope that is a help.. It is such and easy formula to remember - used it with all years and so easy to remember.

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