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Tonight's Culture Show - I feel like "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells"!

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annh · 12/06/2008 21:46

Did anyone else see tonight's special at the opening of the Summer Exhibition when Laurence Llewelyn Bowen said that some of the pieces in the Tracey Emin room were not fit for showing on TV at that time of the evening and Ms Emin then said "yes, you don't expect the front to show a zebra attempting anal sex with a Victorian lady"! Shame that 10 and 7 year old sons were watching the programme with me and asking to go to the exhibition! And then we moved on to the video installation showing the woman hula-hooping with barbed wire! Anyway, have emailed the RA to check if is possible not to go anywhere near that room if we visit and have submitted a complaint to the BBC. Not sure if I am justified or if I have turned into a grumpy old woman?!

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tearinghairout · 12/06/2008 21:53

Yes, I saw that and was heartily glad that the dch were not in the room at that time (won't watch a Fart programme )

I thought that bloke's landscape was brilliant - I'd rather look at that than some of the other stuff that did get selected.

tearinghairout · 12/06/2008 22:02

If you're a GOW then so am I - I was forced to explain to dd(14) what 'keys in the fruitbowl' meant after Amanda Holden used it on Britain's Got Talent.

In the first series she said to some acrobats 'I know this is a family show, but we're all thinking it, I bet you two have great sex' and I was pretty disgusted (that word again!) because my dch were watching, but none of the friends I told agreed with me. Made me feel like a prude, but you do want to protect your dch, don't you? Stop them growing up too fast? So no, YANBU.

annh · 13/06/2008 09:30

Oh well, glad it's not just me then! DS1, who has just turned 10, looked at me in a half-quizzical fashion as if he just couldn't fathom how the words zebra, sex and lady could fit in the same sentence - I think the word anal just passed him right by!

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