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Ben Folds coming to the UK in June.

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talilac · 02/05/2008 12:35

There are tour dates! How fabulous.

I'm going to the show at the SBE, anyone else?

OP posts:
talilac · 02/05/2008 15:16

Come on I know there are other Ben fans out there...

OP posts:
sfxmum · 02/05/2008 15:17

dh is will tell him

talilac · 02/05/2008 17:59


OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 02/05/2008 18:00

Message withdrawn

sfxmum · 02/05/2008 18:10

had a look but apparently not in London so dh is out of luck for tickets surprise

talilac · 02/05/2008 18:12



not really.

he is one of my favourite singer / songwriters. And he is touring in the UK in June, which will make my summer altogether better.

OP posts:
talilac · 02/05/2008 18:15

There is a london date, he's playing Sheps Bush Empire on the 25th June.

OP posts:
TheDevilWearsPrimark · 02/05/2008 18:17

Oooh I'll be going to the london one for sure

Earlybird · 02/05/2008 18:30

Just read the info on the Wiki link - he's 41, and been married 4 times? Wow...not relevant to his music, I know...unless it provides him with inspiration/artistic fodder.

talilac · 02/05/2008 18:32

If we had a music topic, we could go there and I could expound for many pages on the greatness of Ben Folds. But there isn't, so I shan't.

However, while reading the wikipedia entry I linked to above, I found out that Ben is on his fourth wife! I'm shocked, not least because one of his most lovely, heartfelt songs about love everlasting was written for wife number 3..

OP posts:
talilac · 02/05/2008 18:33

x post Earlybird..

OP posts:
Earlybird · 02/05/2008 18:41

My mistake, he won't be 41 until next year.

Interesting that his most heartfelt lovesongs were written for third wife who he divorced in April 2007, and it appears from the entry he is already married to fourth wife.

I was given a cd of his third wife's music a few months ago, (she is an artist herself), but have never listened to it. Must dig it out.

talilac · 02/05/2008 18:58

Earlybird, are you me??

OP posts:
sfxmum · 02/05/2008 19:00

ok thanks must check more carefully

Earlybird · 02/05/2008 19:01

talilac - we're clearly on the same wavelength!

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