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AbbyMumsnet · 28/04/2008 12:28

Our DVD reviews don't really cover films for adults, so thought I'd post here. Anyhow, missed this at the cinema but finally got to see it on DVD recently and just wanted to rave about it. A very funny, wonderfully dark comedy about an offbeat teenager and her unplanned pregnancy; the script and cast are superb - particularly Ellen Page, who ended up being nominated for pretty much every award going and winning a fair few. Watched it with DH and another dad who both thought the same - so definitely not just a chick flick. Would recommend it highly.

It's out on DVD in June - definitely worth buying/renting when you can.

OP posts:
TurkeyLurkey · 28/04/2008 12:33

I've seen it twice its brilliant isn't it?

AbbyMumsnet · 28/04/2008 12:34

Absolutely. Best film I've seen in yonks, tbh.

OP posts:
LazyLinePainterJane · 28/04/2008 12:36

I liked it. I liked that they didn't take what would be the easy route and have her keep the baby in the end, I was worried that they would go that way. I also really liked Jennifer Garner, and was quite surprised when she didn't turn out to be a weirdo freak!

FAWKEOFF · 28/04/2008 12:36

i absolutely love film ive seen since....i dont know how long, very bittersweet and witty, ive watched it about 5 times.....i actually wish i could come out with the things that juno says

marina · 28/04/2008 12:36

You didn't find her quirky performance grated after a while then Abby & turkey? I know it has had fab reviews but there was something about Ellen Page in the clips I've seen which made me ponder if I could sit through the whole thing...

DiabloCody · 28/04/2008 12:44

Yeah, a true gem....

AbbyMumsnet · 28/04/2008 13:00

Nope - no grating here.

OP posts:
Hassled · 28/04/2008 13:02

I loved it and can't wait to see it again. Did sob a bit at the end, though, along with teenage DD - we had a nice bonding moment!

FAWKEOFF · 28/04/2008 13:03

bleaker with the tic tacs

AbbyMumsnet · 28/04/2008 20:16

Love the bit where he opens the mail can

OP posts:
hatjam · 03/05/2008 20:49

loved it - and so did my teen (b/g) twins. the soundtrack is lovely too - we got the cd.

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