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Took DD (10) to see Cats last night. She was transfixed

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KatyMac · 19/04/2008 16:22

She loved it

She wants to be a dancer or a director/producer

It was so nice to see her enjoying herself so much - although I was a tad worried about her reaction to some of the lead dancers - talk about a crush!!

OP posts:
cyteen · 19/04/2008 16:23

Hahaha, I had exactly the same reaction at around her age I thought it was the best thing I'd ever seen and was determined to be a dancer.

KatyMac · 19/04/2008 16:25

Cyteen - she is a dancer & her dad is a professional dancer - so that bit wasn't a surprise

The director/producer was though!!

OP posts:
cyteen · 19/04/2008 16:29

That's certainly more far-sighted than I am was!

Good luck to her It's still a massive regret of mine that I never had dance lessons as a kid - dancing is my 'alternate universe' career, iyswim.

southeastastra · 19/04/2008 16:29

where? i thought it had closed in the west end

KatyMac · 19/04/2008 16:37


OP posts:
nightcat · 24/04/2008 20:52

get a dvd, it's brilliant, we return to it a couple of times a year (after seeing it loads of times when we first got it)

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