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Maurice Sendak fans look here

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ipanemagirl · 14/04/2008 09:58

Did anyone read the Guardian article this week end about MS? Slightly pompous article but very interesting. I'm a huge fan.

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MaryAnnSingleton · 14/04/2008 10:23

no, am so slow I never reach the end of Saturday's papers until midweek - thanks for that !!

Boco · 14/04/2008 10:27

Where the wild things are is still my favourite

ipanemagirl · 14/04/2008 16:04

My favourite too Boco, it's perfect.

Hello MaryAnnS!

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MaryAnnSingleton · 14/04/2008 16:22

hello ipanemagirl - was thinking of you because of seeing a review for the Ipanemas - don't know what they're like though...

ipanemagirl · 14/04/2008 16:25

I saw their name somewhere too! No idea what they're like, will ask dh he'll know.

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sfxmum · 14/04/2008 16:29

saw it at the weekend but yet to read it dd took it off my hands to look at 'the wild rumpus' & 'Mickey the pilot' as she calls them

intrigued about the movie adaptation of 'where the wild things are'

NotDoingTheHousework · 14/04/2008 16:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ipanemagirl · 14/04/2008 16:48

Me too NDTH!

sfx, I'm intrigued too, I think it's Spike Jonze so should be interesting!

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ipanemagirl · 14/04/2008 16:50

here's a photo from filming apparently!

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sfxmum · 14/04/2008 16:52

I keep getting him confused with Michel Gondry and never quite know who is doing/ has done out.
I blame motherhood for cultural confusion

ipanemagirl · 14/04/2008 16:52

Oh I've just read that test screenings have been too scary for children so they may reshoot loads of it!

OP posts:
wishfort · 16/04/2008 10:34

Some of the beach scenes were filmed fairly near where I live. Beautiful, and still quite wild, with rockpools you can dive into.

ninedragons · 16/04/2008 11:38

I'm terrified the film will ruin the book for a generation. The whole point of the book is the power of the imagination, and to crystallise Max into one particular actor really risks buggering that up.

Mind you, I am a longstanding snob when it comes to dicking about with classic books. My ILs sent Disney Pooh sleepsuits for my baby that are buried until all other babygros have been covered in puke or wee and we're facing real emergency.

time4tea · 19/04/2008 19:51

loved the article, thanks

there's great stuff out there about (my other favourite) Dr. Seuss, radical peacelover etc; plus I see Oliver Postgate (Clangers and Ivor the Engine) is putting ads in papers and magazines encouraging better action on climate change. great children's writers must have a special kind of honesty

but on Sendak, last Halloween, a little boy knocked on our door for treats wearing a SENSATIONAL wild-thing outfit. have googled until my fingers are sore looking for something similar. wondered if anyone else had seen such a thing for sale anywhere...

Califrau · 19/04/2008 20:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau · 19/04/2008 20:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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